Friday, February 10


   I sit here, at the kitchen table, busy, trying to get the last of my orders ready for shipping before the weekend comes. When, all of a sudden, I am stopped, by the sweet sounds all around me. So sweet are these sounds that I am compelled to really listen to all of them...the sweetest song bird out side my window, his song is so lovely, it is as though I am listening to it for the first time. The sound of Henry and his friend in the next room, quietly chit chatting away immersed in their pretend sweet are their words to each other. The neighbors footsteps up the stairs, the trash truck driving up the hill. I hear the hum of the computer and the clicking of the keys as I type. I hear the wind blow outside my window.
As I sit here, I hear my breath as I sigh..oh that sweet birdsong..sounds like Spring?

Unlike seeing, where one can look away, one cannot 'hear away'
but must listen ... hearing implies already belonging together in
such a manner that one is claimed by what is being said.

-  Hans-Georg Gadamer


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