Wednesday, January 18

Working Hard

With January being a slow month in the shop, it gives me some time to come up with some new ideas.
Papa Joe bought me a new scroll saw, there are scraps of paper all over the house with all the plans I have been dreaming up for that new toy!
So far I have made this

Wood Stacking puzzles. These are great for babies first puzzle, then your toddler can use them later on for magical pretend play. I am working on some other designs too. Henry is a great help, sharing all his ideas. I may just make a "tunnel" puzzle  he suggested to me one day. "This way trains and cars can go under" indeed!
I am also working on some play scarves, new FLY ME designs and my newest toy, the Classic Toy Tin

 Yo-yo, cup and ball and a flip flop spinning top. Comes to you in a metal tin, perfect for gift giving, party favors or tuck away into a Easter basket. This collection is very special to me because it can be completely personalized with yo-yo design and colored top. I am also going to offer initials and numbers as some of the personalization designs....making this a truly special gift.
Don't forget to check out my shop as I am stocking these soon.

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Anonymous said...

I love your wave puzzle! Looking forward to adding that to our collection! :) J. Wilcox