Sunday, September 25

Snip Snip

As you may or may not know, I have decided not to send Mr. Henry to preschool this year for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we can not afford it. Secondly, when we got to thinking about it, how much could he learn in few hours that he wouldn't at home? Not to mention with a winter birthday he does not need to start school until he is five and half,so why would I put him in preschool for two years.
Trying to teach your three year old at home comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Being home with him, keeping him safe and witnessing all his achievements are the major pluses. As for the cons, my little man always wants to play trains, never wanting to stop and play "school". This makes it really tough for mama to be productive on any scale. Now add in household chores, my growing business, schooling for Henry and of course time with Papa and you got your self one hectic schedule.

So...I put my thinking cap on. I took Henry's love of trains, my lesson plan and voila' decided to have a cutting class. Super easy, clean up was a snap and cutting kept Mr. Henry busy as a bee for 45 minutes. A win win if you ask this me.
Cutting Lesson made simple.
Sheet of paper
1 set of stamps with ink
1 pair of scissors
1 marker
1 ruler

On the sheet of paper make lines up and down with the ruler and the marker. Once they get the hang of cutting you can make boxes.
Next, you stamp some images onto the paper.
Then have your little one cut.

Want another easy project? Take the stamped cut outs and have your wee one color them or make book marks, heck you can even make gift tags out of them.


Linda Hocking said...

Thanks for the tip! My little guy only goes to preschool three days a week, so I try to come up with things like this too- this site also has great ideas broken down by theme

Amos said...

Thanks Linda I will check it out!