Thursday, December 16

Thrifty to save you some cabbage!!

I go to Stop & Shop and must say I love them because I can scan and bag my groceries myself. That scanner they have is my calculator and it also gives me deals based on what I buy and offers me money off the items even if they are on sale normally. These little perks keeps me going back again and again week after week.
    Last week in the sales flyer they had double coupons up to $1.00 off on any manufacturers coupons. I do not get a newspaper and we only have a laptop and no printer so I don't really use coupons. As a side note, I do look at coupons when I can but back in the day they were so much better, now you have to buy 3 boxes of something to get .50 cents off. Hardly seems worth it, unless of course you use that product. Much to my surprise while going to the self checkout I decided to scan one of the double coupons even though I did not have any manufactures coupons and ya know what it scanned and took a full dollar of my shopping bill.
    Thrifty tip of the week is to try the self scanners and scan some coupons, you never know you may just end up getting $4.00 off your bill. By the way, Stop & Shop also offers us gas rewards and Papa is lucky enough to pass by a Stop & Shop gas station on his way to work. Most months he gets at least a week were his gas cost him 30 cents less than they're already cheap prices.
I should also mention a few things, number one, I am not trying to promote Stop/Shop, it just happens to be where I go, I shop local fliers and usually they come in about the same or a little less. If there ever is something that I need and it's on sale somewhere else, I drive to the other store and pick it up. I do not mind driving to another store as long as its in a 20 mile radius of home, and to save on gas I make sure to do other errands when going that kind of a distance. Second, since Papa has been hunting, our grocery bill is about $50.00 a week and we are using much more of our frozen stash so that helps too.

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