Saturday, December 18

Holiday goodies!!

In keeping with the spirit of making things for gifts to our loved ones at little cooking in the kitchen has begun...or should I say melting?
Pretzel Dips are super easy, totally kid friendly and really cheap. The possibilities are endless and everyone is sure to love them.

                                                   Dark chocolate with green sprinkles

                Fun sprinkles...these are the infamous sprinkles that you can read about here

                                                 Dark chocolate and chopped hazelnut

                 For all you healthy people...dark chocolate,wheatgerm and flax seed pretzels
                                                  And of course plain chocolate

I am also declaring that all though peppermint bark is mighty fine, I do think that "tree bark" surpasses it. My version has dark chocolate, granola and another layer of chocolate topped with crushed hazelnuts....yummy indeed!!! So good in fact we my not share!

                                              Happy holidays and happy gift giving!!

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