Thursday, October 14

Thrifty Thursday...Tips to save you some cash!!!

   Winter is fast approaching and I for one do not like the cold!!!!
There is nothing better than being in a toasty warm house, sipping hot cocoa and snuggling under the toasty blankets. But these days with the cost of everything going up and our household living on one paycheck, I am looking to save money on heating.
   I recently read that you should tape up your windows with bubble wrap as its super thick and won't let the cold come in or the heat go out. Everyone should also use draft stoppers by the doors and heck even inside the windows. Door stoppers are easy to make. Buy 1/2 yard of fabric, fold in in half , sew down the middle, turn it right side out, sew the bottom and then fill with sand or rice and then sew it closed.We plan on laying down some area rugs on the bare spots of the floor, as we live on a cement slab and our floors get COLD!! 
  One tip that I read and that I have yet to try, but plan on trying it this winter, is to turn off the water heater at night. You can do this by going to your fuse box and hitting the switch. The article said you can save yourself $30.00-$40.00 on month. Just make sure to turn it back on when your awake. If you plan on going away for the holidays, I would turn the water heater off then too.
 Baking is another great way to keep your home and spirits warm. Just by turning the oven on your kitchen will get warmer and when your done baking, leave the oven door open. House cleaning always warms you up too not that I want to do it.
Last but not least there is always the option of staying in bed all day. If that is not an option for you, you can do what we plan on doing...having Henry sleep in our bed with us and turning down the heat at night.

Not the best tip I know but hey...I am trying!!! Keep warm!!!

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