Friday, September 10

Thrifty Thursday!!

My son Henry is 2 years old. With that said, he seems to drop everything on his shirts and they get stained and I can no longer try to save them for hand-me -downs or consignment. I really can't stand having him look so messy and I don't see the point in wasting good money on decent shirts. So here is my tip that seems to at the very least, add some more life to stained shirts and he looks cool and not so dirty on the playground.

I buy Hanes or fruit of the Loom 5 pack white tee's. He wears them.... he gets them dirty . 
I then let him paint the shirt or we tie dye it. Ends up being a fun project for the day and gives his shirts a little more life. Sometimes even after being dyed and worn a bit, I dye them again or if there is only 1 stained spot, I may even sew a patch on it.
Now this white tee I got for less than $1.00 a piece becomes a really cool work of wearable art made by my little guy... add a Lightning McQueen patch to his shirt art and he is one groovy man.

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