Friday, September 10

Feeling overwhelmed!!!

So there are lots of things going on here. Usually I am a list taker. I love lists. I can function with a list. Well, my To Do list is long I have no other choice but to throw it out. But...I am terribly afraid to write another one, for fear of it becoming even longer than the first.
With holidays fast approaching and me unemployed, I am trying to look for ways to make money with my sewing machine. Mind you, I am a self taught sewer and do most of my sewing at night when I am already feeling a wee bit tired. Much cursing happens during these times.
At night, I find myself stuck with my head not turning off, while ideas are flooding my brain. I have lots of ideas but being able to materialize them is completely another story. I also can not stick to just one idea either. So this presents a dilemma.
There are piles upon piles of stuff all over this dang house. A pile here, for Christmas pajama's, there's a pile over there for crayon rolls, a pile for gift bags, a pile of mending, pile of clothes for consignment, pile for donation, pile for trash, piles of laundry, pile of library books, pile of magazines, piles of dishes...shall I go on???
 Oh... and to top off the list, my grandmama is ill and I need to go to back home 4 days a week to take care of her.
Henry and I will be staying with my mother, (this fact alone may just kill me) My mother drives me crazy, which is why at 16 I moved out of the house. This is gonna be hard.
She spoils Henry, with complete disregard to my rules. Henry acts out alot more and she criticizes everything I do as a mama. Don't get me wrong she's a wonderful grandmama, but why oh why do grandparents feel the need to "spoil" kids with candy and t.v???

And the piles...well there gonna just sit there and get bigger I guess.

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