Tuesday, March 4

So much going on

Freaking out, yes that is what I am doing. I am a freak out kind of person. I pile tons of things on myself. I do not ask for help. I try to do it all and when things do not go my way I freak out.

Amelia is walking these days, she is into everything..which I don't mind if it would keep her entertained for more than 2 minutes. I would be happy for 10 minutes.There is paint tubes everywhere, rolling under foot, under the tables, under the sofa. There are can goods rolling all over the place too. There are wooden Easter eggs in every nook and cranny of my home. There are cups, plates, spoons, paper, blocks, instruments...you name it and I bet it is on my floor. I have to be careful where I step so as not to break another ankle. Did you know that I have broken them both..not once but twice. Yup I'm a klutz.

Now, Papa never really sees what goes on while I am at home and he is at work because I manage to make a mad dash and whisk it all away about 15 minutes before he walks in the door.

Today I am freaking out because I have been packing orders, stamping, painting, sanding, cutting, chopping, cooking and I am tired of doing it ALL.

And...the cheese that I just bought has mold all over it. I have no time to pack up the baby and trudge out to the store to get another one for pheasant tacos that we are having tonight.

Today I feel like I busted my hump and go nothing checked off my to do list. I hate that feeling.
Now it is 4:56 and I have not clean up the whirlwind that is Amelia, dinner is not done and I am just trying to breathe.

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