Thursday, March 22

Right Size

  Not to long ago, Papa and I were strolling the aisles at Lowes, when we came across a set of tool for kids. These tools were not just you ordinary plastic pretend tools..this tool set was the real deal. Real steel hammer head, real Phillip screwdriver, flat head and even a hand saw. The were scaled down for kids hands with rubber finger grips on the handles too. A really nice set indeed! Better than the tool set, was the beginner project kits. Bird house kits, bat house kits, tool box kit. So what did Papa Joe and Henry decide to make? A catapult, yuppers, my boys decided to build not one but two catapults. And, what is mama left to do when all of the excitement is going on...pick up the giant tape balls for her boys.

Henry totally enjoys his tools so much, that on beautiful days like this one today, we got outside and set up "tool shop". I bring out some cardboard boxes, nails, screws, hammer and screwdriver. Henry hammers away his nails into the cardboard. Screwing into the cardboard is terrific practice for more building projects to come, but it also helps to reinforce fine motor skills, patience and hand and eye coordination.

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mgb said...

hi! i came across your blog through your etsy shop and just wanted to say that i think your goal of living a simpler life with your family is GREAT! if only more of us could truly aspire and succeed at that. it's a tough feat! you have a beautiful son and i adore the activities you've posted on your blog and the creative toys in your shop. i can't wait to see where your creativity takes you!!

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