Wednesday, December 28


The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and I have cleaned up most of the mess. We still have about 50 books that I need to find homes for and I find myself missing the holiday music already. It is so weird to have it all end so abruptly. With all the new toys, books and gadgets, Henry, Papa and I are happily distracted for a little while... slowing down is so nice!

Right now I am really loving:
*My smartwool socks and the fact that my hubby knows me so well
* knitting on really big needles
* listing to Josh Groban holiday album
* cuddling in bed, under the warm covers, reading all the new books to Henry
* enjoying my newly turned four year old like his Kumon workbooks
* super proud of my little man when he puts on his own socks
* that my wonderful mother in law got me some super warm slippers and a vintage looking shawl! Love Her!
* painting the *new* Spring line for the paint is so magical
* left over hazelnut and bird seed bark..yummy in my tummy
* new play dates with dear friends, because finally they have some free time thanks to winter break

My dear friends, what are you loving theses days?

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