Thursday, December 15

In the Spirit


      I was never big on Christmas, oh sure, as a kid I was, but once an adult, the magic seemed to have left me. Being a mama now has changed it usually does. I love having  holiday music playing in the house all day and night. The lights must go up and the house decorated. I love our little tree too.
Last year, Henry and I decorated our tree with glittered pine cones in red, green, gold and cooper. It looks so great, I just can't get over it. The glow of the warm holiday lights around the house just makes me feel better. With it getting cold and dark outside, having these little bright twinkles all over the place are putting me in a better mood. But, nothing gets me in the holiday mood better than Henry. His sweet face, lighting up every time there is talk of Santa, or Christmas, or snow...boy....he just sparkles.

     December 14th our baby turned 4. For his special day with us, we took him to see Santa on the Polar Express train ride in Essex CT. It was great! Lights everywhere, our car had its own elf, doing tricks, singing carols...the works.
Santa and Mrs. Claus made their appearance complete with hot cocoa and cookies! Henry loved absoutly everything about this adventure...he was beaming ear to ear and so was I!
Kids just put you in that special kinda mood!
May you and yours be surrounded by all the magic that only your kids can bring!

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