Wednesday, November 2


                  October went out with a bang or should I say a blizzard. 2011 was the "year of the storm" in my mind. There was record snow fall in the beginning of the year, heat waves, record flooding, a tornado, a hurricane and a freak snow storm that nearly destroyed Halloween.
This brings us to November.
November the month of lists, shopping, remembering, traditions and gratitude. My hope is that November 2011 calms down, that I can be surrounded by my family and friends, enjoying each other rather than worrying about when the power and heat will come back on.
November is the start of our many family traditions, from food to gift making. November is the month for settling down, taking a breather and lets not forget planning for the up coming holiday season.
On the agenda this month, sewing and lots of it, from pajamas to repairs on hunting attire, to gift wrap bags. We also are planning on traveling to a local Native American museum and immersing ourselves in everything Native American and early settlers. I can't wait.
Lastly, I feel as though the Earth defiantly has something to say with all the extreme weather. There is nothing like severe weather to wake you up, get you thinking about preparedness and tell you who your real friends our. The serge of giving help to your neighbors has never been greater. My hope is that this light continues to be a pay it forward thought that is not easily burned out.

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