Friday, November 18

Letterboxing again

  With the unseasonably warm weather visiting New England these days. We found ourselves on a double letter boxing adventure in a very old historic cemetery a few towns over. The day was simply beautiful and the cemetery was just amazing. Although old, the cemetery did not have the least bit of creepiness. It was warm and inviting but then again I love cemeteries, in fact Papa Joe proposed to me in one. That is another story.

Today's letter box adventure had us going on a clue hunt, looking from grave stone to grave stone for clues all while learning some of the history.

 This stamp was called the "wandering witch". If you notice, she is hand carved and the detail on her is amazing. This is by far the best stamp we have found to date. Love her!

  Henry and I were having some trouble finding the second letterbox. When Papa Joe got home, we went back to the cemetery to look some more. I had a good feeling where the hidden letterbox was but digging around a old rock wall covered with leaves with Henry by my side was no my idea of safe.
Papa Joe, Henry and I looked for along time, all those nooks and crannies had us busy, but finally I found it or should I say Henry found it. All our hard work had paid off, for this time it was another hand carved stamp called the "spooky ghost".

                                                        It was such a fun day!

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