Friday, October 7

A bushel of Apples

Earlier this week Papa, Henry and I went apple picking at our favorite local farm. As you know the North East got some really crazy weather this year. The farm lost all there peach crops due to Hurricane Irene, we really sad about this. They warned us that the apples were not up to snuff due to hail and all the weeks of rain we have had. The warning did not stop us...we came home with tons of apples.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I grabbed all of these apples. Macoun, Cortland and Red Delicious grace my table, my counters and my fridge. They are everywhere. With the amount I have on hand I decided to call in the troops and make some homemade spicy apple sauce, apple butter and  apple crumb pie.

                                     Check out this vintage children's cook book. I just adore it

 As I write this, I still have bushels to do. Apple butter is still in the crock pot, dishes are in the sink from last nights apple festivities, still have to can ...but the mess is oh so worth it...

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Yum! This post is making my mouth water ;)