Wednesday, October 26

Adventures in the Woods

      Awhile back I mentioned Letterboxing to you in the hopes of getting you inspired and outdoors. It is such a fun time, being on the hunt for a special hidden treasure. Not to mention all the potential of education that can take place. From identifying trees, inspecting insects and rocks to learning a little history about your location. 

It is so funny how, at times, I wish my boy were just a baby again, so I can nurse him to sleep or carry him in my arms all day. Then there are times, like when we are letter boxing, I wish he were older so he could really understand the "adventure" of it, the hunting for clues, the element of accomplishment when his treasure is found. Some day...

For now though, I need to remember to focus on the "now" moments, the eager questions about the little things, the silly laughs about nothing. My sweet boy is growing up so fast. I am the one who needs to slow down and take it all in, just like Henry does.

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