Wednesday, October 12

5 Mile Hike

   For the last few days, Papa Joe, Henry and I went walking in some of the most beautiful Autumn days that have blessed us. For you see, the last few weeks have been just dark, rainy and gray. Deciding where to go was not a hard choice at all, with a three year old obsessed with trains, we knew we had to venture to a local park that features a old railroad tunnel. Once the words "train tunnel" came out of our mouths, Henry had his hiking boots on and was waiting anxiously at the front door. The walk round trip was five miles in not so smooth terrain. But, it was awesome. I really enjoy the outdoors the most during Autumn. The air is cool, crisp and fresh. The colors are amazing, the sounds seem more clear.

   Interesting enough, as I was looking up some train tunnel history to share, I came upon a web entry that listed a letterbox near the train tunnel. Hmmm we just might have to go back soon.

Here is the letter box clue:
To find this letterbox you need to locate the train tunnel first. The train tunnel is approximately one mile south from the gate on the east side of the river. The former railroad trail becomes very visible as you travel southward on the road by the river. Simply continue to follow the rail road trail.

Then once at the tunnel, walking from the train tunnel North bound you will come to a four way intersection of trails about 300 to four hundred feet from the tunnel entrance.

You want to take the trail to the right going south east.

The trail to the left will take to to the dirt road by the river.

Walk approximately 300 feet up that trail and to the left is a large mutant pine tree with 7 or more tree trunks. The letterbox is in the base of that tree covered with sheets of tree bark.

For those of you that do not know what letter boxing is, I have left a link. Really cool stuff! You can also read about our past letter boxing adventure here
Letter boxing

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