Friday, September 9

Good bye to some dear friends.

 We have found much entertainment in watching our dear friends hum around us at lightning fast speeds. Whirling and darting here and there, around our heads, morning till night. This week they left us to migrate to warmer weather and I feel a little sad.
These 6 little birds have become part of our family this Spring and Summer. We never tired of watching their antics. It will be a very quiet Winter out on our patio.

   In Connecticut there are 4 types of hummingbirds that migrate here, the Ruby-throat, the Broad billed, the Calliope and the Rufous hummingbird...not sure what species we got here, but,  I can say with certainty, that we got more than just the Ruby throat.
Here is a wonderful link to check out what hummingbirds are in your state.
Hummingbird List

I encourage everyone to buy a feeder and watch as the magic arrives outside your window. But keep in mind that if you start feeding hummingbirds, they will migrate back to your doorstep next Spring. Once a well established feeding ground is in place, it will need to remain in place as these birds specifically migrate to the area. Hummingbirds go back expecting to take care of their young because the food supply is abundant . If the feeder is not out, the hummingbird family will die.

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