Sunday, August 14

Summer Days

 Oh summer has been fun and I am sad that it is almost over. It is funny how before it gets here there are lost of ideas how to spend it, lots of plans thought of and then when summer finally arrives, we can barely do half of what we planned too!

But some traditions must be kept like blueberry picking. Some new things must be tried like bowling and goodness, sometimes you just have to take a break and soak in the sheer size of things.

     Henry has had a busy dirty summer. We managed to put him in a summer camp at our local Nature Preserve for a few weeks and he just loved it. Learning about dinosaurs, fossils, baby animals and daily farm life was just what a questioning 3 year old needs...and the big question on every bodies mind is did he nap when he came home...absolutely not! Little stinker!

But with the few hours of time I had alone on these days I can say that
I did not :
clean the house once
do the laundry
cook a meal
go shopping
or go to starbucks
So what did a mama, alone in her house, every day from 9-1 do???  Stay tuned!

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Miss Z said...

Great pictures!! Still wanting your help with my blog design, yours looks soooooo good!