Wednesday, December 15

To my boy

Three years is all that your eyes have seen of this wonderful place, I have seen thirty three years of it and yet the last three years have been the brightest and most magical of all my years. Looking at each day through the wonderment of your eyes makes it worth it. Nothing on this beautiful Earth, can come close to the day you entered into it. Your smiles, your laughs, your cries, your questions are all so worth it.
May you continue to bless Papa and me with every single moment of magic. May this world hold you and keep you. May you always seek the truth and light. May you protect all the wild places. May you speak up for those without a voice. May you love those who need love. May you always believe in goodness. May every question you ask be answered and may all of your hopes come true, because, dear Henry, mine have. Happy Birthday sweet angel o'mine.

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