Saturday, October 2

Harvest Time

    This was our biggest harvest yet and there is still more coming! Our garden was a life saver this year. What was suppose to be a hobby garden ended up becoming a life saver when I lost my job in July. We has a 10x20 plot in a community garden in town. We planted only 3-4 of each type of plant and most of it was started from seed. Our freezer is stocked with tomato sauce, collards, kale, savoy cabbage, peppers, green beans and pesto. I fell in love with gardening this year and look forward to doing it again.
    Since starting the garden I have made calde verde soup to feed my family as well as share with my mother and grandmother. I learned to make home made tomato sauce. Our garden has inspired me to learn about canning and freezing, identify garden pest and how to naturally rid them.
    We have spent long hard hot nights tending to our beloved plot, spending time as a family, digging for worms and meeting Mrs. preying mantis. There has been cuts and bug bites, muddy shoes, stained shirts and peed pants. It's so nice to work so hard and feel good about it. I will be sad when I can't play in dirt anymore this season. Thank goodness for seed catalogues!!


NML said...

Peed Pants?!

Anonymous said...

haha yeah..Henry peed his pants while watch a grass hopper.